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Glory of Ancient Persia from My Point of View

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4-8 June 2007, Homa Hotel (5*), Shiraz, Iran

(Also Persepolis, Pasargadae, Firuzabad, Kazerun)


Page 1: Naqsh-e Rostam and Naqsh-e Rajab

A descriptive photo album of:

  • Achaemenian tombs, Sassanian carvings, and Kaaba of Zoroaster in the ancient necropolis of "Naqsh-e Rostam"

  • Sassanian rock-relieves of "Naqsh-e Rajab"

Page 2: Persepolis

A descriptive photo album of Persepolis, one of the ancient capitals of Persia during the Achaemenian era

Page 3: Shiraz

A descriptive photo album of Shiraz, the city of love, including photos of:

  • Quran Gate and a promenade near it

  • Eram Garden

  • Nasir-ol-Molk Mosque

  • ...

Page 4: Shiraz

A descriptive photo album of Shiraz including photos of:

  • Zinat-ol-Molk museum of wax figures

  • Qavam's Orangery (Narenjestan)

  • Mausoleums of Sa'di and Hafez

Page 5: Shiraz

A descriptive photo album of Shiraz, the city of wine and Roses, including photos of:

  • Karim Khan's Citadel

  • The Pars Museum

  • Vakil Public Bath and Mosque

  • Vakil Bazaar

Page 6: Pasargadae

A descriptive photo album of Pasargadae including:

  • Achaemenian stone platform known as "Solomon's Throne"

  • Solomon's Prison

  • Palaces of Cyrus the Great

  • Mausoleum of Cyrus the Great

Page 7: Kazerun

A descriptive photo album of:

  • Parishan Lake near Kazerun

  • Ancient city of Bishapur and especially the temple of Anahita

  • Sassanian rock-relieves of "Tang e Chogan"

  • Beautiful Environment of Fars province

  • Bridge of "Darreh Nargesi"

Page 8: Firouzabad

A descriptive photo album of:

  • Palace of Ardashir

  • An ancient Sassanid bridge

  • Maiden's Castle


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