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My Trip to West India (Page 2)

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All photographs of this album by Sohail Forouzan-sepehr is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.  Using any photograph is only permitted by referring full-name of the photographer & the website as: "
Photograph taken by Sohail Forouzan-sepehr"

26 December 2006 - 2 January 2007,

Taj President Hotel (5*), Mumbai

Star Cruises Libra, Goa

Le Meridien Hotel (5*), Pune

Cruise to Goa with SuperStar Libra

Goa Local Time

Useful tourism information about Goa is available at: http://www.wikitravel.org/en/Goa, http://www.webindia123.com/goa/index.htm & website of Star Cruises is: http://www.starcruises.co.in



55. SuperStar Libra (photo courtesy)

56. My cabin in SuperStar Libra

57. My cabin in SuperStar Libra

58. A model of the vessel inside SuperStar Libra

59. Lobby of SuperStar Libra

60. Me in the lobby of SuperStar Libra


61. Inside SuperStar Libra


62. John (a Filipino staff in reception) & I in the lobby of SuperStar Libra

63. Pallavi Walia Raj in a special celebrity performances at the first night in SuperStar Libra.

64. Pallavi Walia Raj & I near the Four Seasons Restaurant in SuperStar Libra

65 to 67. Pallavi Walia Raj, a nice & sincere performer of the first night party in SuperStar Libra, has MBA degree & is the winner of the Mrs India (runner up) & the best model of the year 2006 conducted by Gladrags (photo courtesy).

68. Li (a Chinese staff) & I in the lobby of SuperStar Libra

69. South-east musician in the lobby of SuperStar Libra

70. Me together with other Iranian tourists in our group in the lobby of SuperStar Libra

71 to 73. Goa

74. Coal mine in Goa

75. "Basilica of Bom Jesus", a Portuguese style church built in 1695 AD in Goa. From 1510 to 1961 Goa was a Portuguese colony & therefore many aspects of Portuguese culture & architecture can still be found. Further information about the basilica is available HERE.

76. Basilica of Bom Jesus

77 to 79. Inside the Basilica of Bom Jesus

80. Tomb of  Saint Francis Xavier, a pupil of the soldier-turned-saint, Ignatius Loyola (the founder of the Order of Jesuits), inside the Basilica of Bom Jesus. He died while on a sea voyage to China on 2 December 1552 AD. The following year, while transferring Francis Xavier's remains to Goa, in accordance with his wishes, it was found that the saint's body was as fresh as the day it was buried. Further information about him is available HERE.

81. Inside the Basilica of Bom Jesus

82. Inside the Basilica of Bom Jesus

83 to 85. Inside the Basilica of Bom Jesus

86 to 88. Inside the Basilica of Bom Jesus

89 to 91. Outside the basilica

92. The Archaeological Museum of Goa

93. A handcraft shop in Goa

94 to 96. Indian carpet in the handcraft shop

97 & 98. Indian clothes in the handcraft shop


99 & 100. Indian nuns in Goa. About 40% of Goan are Catholic.

101. One of Goa beaches


102. Me in one of Goa beaches

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