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My Trip to West India (Page 3)

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All photographs of this album by Sohail Forouzan-sepehr is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.  Using any photograph is only permitted by referring full-name of the photographer & the website as: "
Photograph taken by Sohail Forouzan-sepehr"

26 December 2006 - 2 January 2007,

Taj President Hotel (5*), Mumbai

Star Cruises Libra, Goa

Le Meridien Hotel (5*), Pune

The Way from Mumbai to Pune & the City Pune (Oxford of India)

Pune Local Time

Useful tourism information about Pune (Poona) is available at: http://www.wikitravel.org/en/Pune & http://www.webindia123.com/city/maharashtra/pune/intro.htm 



103. Fiat taxies in Mumbai

104. Mr Salemi (our tour leader) buying some fruits from this fruit shop in Mumbai

105. A Hindu temple in Mumbai

106 & 107. Haji Ali Mosque, the mosque & tomb were built by devotees in 19th century as a tribute to Muslim saint Haji Ali. The beautiful white mosque appears like an island at high tide. I took this photo behind the bus window when moving (Thanks to my camera that has got an anti-shaking mode!), so the shadow of one of our group members reflected in the photo!

110. Traditional laundry on our way from Mumbai to Pune.

108 & 109. On the way from Mumbai to Pune

111 to 113. A pond in a Hindu temple area full of water lilies, Pune

114 & 116. A Hindu temple in Pune

116. Jaroo (our local tour leader who is Parsi) & I. She told me that her name means gold.

117 & 118. Water lilies in the pond near the temple

119 & 120. A garden in that temple area

121. A hawker selling some strange fruits

122. Another Hindu temple in Pune

123. ?

124. ?

125. The University Buildings of the University of Pune at Ganeshkhind, once comprised the official residence of the Governor of Mumbai Presidency during the fierce annual monsoons of the coasts. A large building in the Italian-Gothic style, it has a 30m high square tower, a swimming pool and manicured lawns. It is one of the oldest universities of India

126. Le Meridien Hotel, Pune (photo courtesy)

127. My room in Le Meridien Hotel

128. Inside the lobby of Le Meridien Hotel

129. An Indian tapestry inside the lobby of Le Meridien Hotel

130. Inside the lobby of Le Meridien Hotel

131. Outside the hotel

132 to 134. Le Meridien Hotel, Pune

135 to 137. Inside a local restaurant or maybe a hotel on our way back to Mumbai from Pune includes a buffet of very delicious & fantastic Indian cuisines

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