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My Trip to Kish Island, Iran

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27-30 Sep 2006, Dariush Grand Hotel (5*), Kish, Iran.

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About Kish Island

Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia


Kish Local Time

Kish (Persian: کیش) is an Iranian island and city in the Persian Gulf, and is part of the Hormozgan province. Due to its status as a free trade zone, it is regarded as a consumer's 'paradise', with numerous malls, shopping centres, tourist attractions, and resort hotels. It has an estimated population of 20,000 residents and about 1.5 million people visit the island annually.

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II. Culture and Economy

Since the mid-1990s the Iranian government has embarked on an aggressive promotional and developmental campaign to tailor Kish as a rival to Dubai. Steps taken in order to accomplish this include launching massive construction projects and programs designed to attract foreign investment and trade. Within the area of the Kish Free Zone, as it is known, the standard laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran are far more relaxed than on the mainland, which has resulted in significant increases in the foreign tourist population over the years, as well as in international trade on the island. However, alcohol is not available here, nor is it available in the rest of Iran legally. The inhabitants of the island are mostly Muslims.

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III. Geography and Climate

Kish is located in the Persian Gulf and has an area of around 91 kmē. Along Kish's coast are coral reefs and many other small islands. The climate of Kish is mild in the winter and hot and humid in the summer.

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IV. Kish Major Projects

A. International Oil Bourse

Plans have been made to build an International Oil Bourse trading oil in petroeuros in the Kish Free Trade Zone, with an expected opening date during March 2006. During an international energy exhibition held on Kish running from November 15 to 18, 2005, the vice-president of the Kish Free Zone Organization (KFZO), AbdoRahman Nadimi Boushehri, referred to the planned International Oil Bourse, which will also deal in gas and petrochemicals, without specifying its expected starting date.

B. Dariush Grand Hotel

Dariush, a $125 million five star hotel with over 200 guest rooms is located near the eastern sandy beaches of the island. The hotel was built to be a reminder of Perspolis, a symbol of the glory and splendor of the ancient Iranian civilization. The hotel was designed and developed by the Iranian entrepreneur and hotel tycoon, Mr. Hossein Sabet, who owns and manages several tourist attractions and hotels in the Canary islands. The hotel was completed in 2003 and is operated by the Scandinavian-based Rezidor SAS group. There are plans to convert the hotel to a Radisson SAS Hotel in the future.

Dariush Grand Hotel's website

C. Kish Hidden Pearl

In 1999, a group of Iranians decided to build an underground complex. After deep excavation they discovered a rigid coral ceiling. The construction included 300 artists and excavation workers.

Initiated and led by Abdolhossein Khalifeh, the city includes restaurants, tourist resorts, and stalls. Once finished, mud pools and therapeutic locations will be created.

D. Flower of The East Hotel

This 1.7 billion euro, massive tourist attraction project began in 2004 and is expected to be finished by 2009. The Flower of the East Development Project is the biggest project on the island of Kish in the Persian Gulf. The project, which includes a 7-star and two 5-star hotels, three residential areas, villas and apartment complexes, coffee shops, luxury showrooms and stores, sports facilities and marina. The project is managed by the German firm Dress and Sommer.

E. Other 7 and 5 star hotels

Another 7 star hotel is being constructed on Kish Island, by the name of "The Lotus Hotel". There are currently three luxury 5 star hotels on the island: The Dariush Grand, The Shayan, and the Eram Hotel.

F. Dolphin Park

Dolphin Park is 10000 square meters located at the south east corner of Kish Island and is surrounded by over 12,000 palm trees. The park includes a Dolphinarium, Butterfly Garden, Silk worm Compound, Exotic Bird Garden, Artificial Rain Forest, Volcanic Mountain, The World Of Orchids and Cactus Garden.

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My Photos

4. Ancient city of Harire

1 to 3. Seaside view from the balcony of our room in Dariush Grand Hotel

5. Me in ancient city of Harire

6. Me in ruins of ancient city of Harire

7. Ruins of ancient city of Harire

8. Ruins of ancient city of Harire

9. Ruins of ancient city of Harire

10. My Mom in ruins of ancient city of Harire

11. Native trees of Kish island. These trees spread their branches over the earth like an umberlla to enjoy the humidity of their night dews pure over the ground.

12. Entrance of "Kariz" underground city ("Kariz" or "Ghanat" is Iranian invented water supply)



14 to 16. Underground city of Kariz

17 & 18. Underground city of Kariz 19 & 20. Exit of Kariz


21 to 23. Exit of Kariz



27. Persian Gulf

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My Video

Dolphinarium, Kish Island, Iran

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