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My Trip to Qeshm Island (Page 1)

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All photographs of this album by Sohail Forouzan-sepehr is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.  Using any photograph is only permitted by referring full-name of the photographer & the website as: "
Photograph taken by Sohail Forouzan-sepehr"

16-20 March 2007, Qeshm International Hotel (4*), Qeshm, Iran.


1. "Shah Shahid" Tomb is located near the ancient city of Kharbas, beyond the Mehri Temple and on the edge of a precipice. It comprises of two inter-connecting rooms constructed of sun baked bricks and clay, with an area of 4x3m.

2 & 3. Dated to the Median Empire (728-550 BC), the historic "Kharbas" (Khurbez) Caves  were formed naturally more than 2800 years ago due to receding of the water level. Some believe this to be the place of worship of the Mithraism cult or the Anahita Temple (Pre-Zoroastrian goddess and Zoroastrian angel of water & fertility).

4 to 7. Kharbas Caves

8 to 11. People of the "Stars Valley" believe that once a huge star fell on their village and a shape there remained forever. The Stars Valley is known as one of the most beautiful geological manifestations in Qeshm Island. It has been created in Berkeh Khalaf Village gradually and through erosion.

12 to 15. The Stars Valley

16 to 19. The Stars Valley

20 to 23. The Stars Valley

24 to 27. The Stars Valley


28 to 31. The Stars Valley

35. Two natives of the Stars Valley

32 to 34. The Stars Valley

36 to 39. Naz Islands in the south-east of the main island (Qeshm). They can be reached on foot when there is a low tide.

42. The farthest island of Naz

43. Tourists in our group near Naz Islands

40 & 41. the beach near Naz Islands

44. Me on the beach near Naz Islands

45. My Mom on the beach near Naz Islands

46 & 47. The beach near Naz Islands

48 & 49. Shells on the beach near Naz Islands

50 & 51. The beach near Naz Islands

54. My Mom in a street near the hotel

55. Me in a street near the hotel

52 & 53. Qeshm International Hotel

56. A street near the hotel

57. Entrance of Qeshm International Hotel

58. A Portuguese carved stone by Antonio Corria (17 January 1591 AD) placed in the entrance of Qeshm International Hotel

59. Lobby of Qeshm International Hotel (photo courtesy, taken by Mahtab Rezvani)

60 & 61. Aquarium in the lobby of Qeshm International Hotel

62 & 63. Restaurant of Qeshm International Hotel with delicious starters, main dishes and desserts which you can find just in some 5-star hotels.

64. Restaurant of Qeshm International Hotel

65 to 67. Hara (mangrove) Sea-Forest when there was a low tide I suppose. Further information is available here.

68. A landscape of Persian Gulf taken when we were boating in Hara coves

69 to 71. Hara (mangrove) trees

72. A wading bird in Hara Sea-Forest

73 & 74. Hara (mangrove) trees

75. Another landscape of Persian Gulf taken by Mahtab with my camera when boating in Hara coves

76. Our boatman controlling his fishing-net while boating in Hara Sea-Forest (photo taken by Mahtab with my camera)

77. Portrait of our native boatman (photo courtesy, taken by Mahtab Rezvani)

78. Another native fisherman in Hara Sea-Forest (photo courtesy, taken by Mahtab Rezvani)

81. From left to right, Me, Mahtab Rezvani and Alireza Rahbarshayesteh (a very nice, sincere and warm couple) near Hara Sea-Forest. We introduced together and become friends when we were boating there.

79. The successful native fisherman in his boat in Hara Sea-Forest (photo courtesy, taken by Mahtab Rezvani)

80. Me in the boat in Hara Sea-Forest, photo taken by Mahtab with my camera

82 & 83. The Naderi Castle near Lāft town

84 to 87. Evening shots of Lāft town

88. Lāft town, further information about this town is available here. The dome in the photo belongs to a water-reservoir, not a mosque!

89. Persian Gulf view from Lāft town

90. Lāft town

91. Somewhere near Lāft town


92. A traditional building in Lāft

93. A traditional door of a water-reservoir in Lāft

94. A wind-tower in Lāft. Wind-towers are the main feature of central and southern Iranian architecture used as air ventilators or coolers in the buildings.

95. Landscape of Lāft town

96. Native people and a traditional wooden boat ("lanch" or "lenj") near Lāft town

97. The Naderi Castle near Lāft town

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